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Speak Your Colours

Running on midnight oil when not really having anything to do in particular is something I’ve been doing more and more to start/complete some form of artwork. I’m not sure why, but when the world is quiet and I’ve consumed enough soda, coffee, milk tea, <insert unhealthy, energizing beverage here>, maybe even enough of it to replace my blood, I end up becoming both frantic and comfortable. The paints slide better, the pencil scribbles mesh together to form a whole picture, the poetry I write is almost effortless.

But sometimes, I don’t get any of the above- just an inability to sleep, a restlessness that won’t get off my back and an endless number of questions that haunt me until I finally do manage to get the Sandman to land some of his magic dust on me. However, good things can rise from the ashes, and from these unfortunate situations, I managed to collect some questions that are actually really important.

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One of the grand questions that have been running with me lately is:

Do I, as an artist, have a responsibility to speak up and defend my ideas?

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