The OneLove Mentorship Program

The OneLove  Mentorship Program is in full swing this summer! 20 youth are acquiring skills in photography, improv, spoken word, and painting, to share with you at the OneLove Festival. This year’s OneLove show is themed around “Identity.” Participants will be using their creativity to engage audiences in issues of racism, gender inequality, homophobia, and more! Their inspiring work is being mentored by some of our favorite local artists! Meet them at the festival on August 21st and 22nd at the Cultch. In the meantime, learn more about them here!

Graham Myers ~ Improv


Graham Myers is the Owner and Artistic Director of Second Storey Theatre and a founding member of table23 Comedy established in 1999. He has been performing and teaching improv professionally since 1998. Graham has had the great pleasure of working with the likes of Unexpected Productions, The Upfront Theatre, Vancouver Theatresports, Instant Theatre Company, C is For Comedy, Urban Improv, Impromaniacs, Yuk Yuk’s, Canadian Improv Games and Lafflines. He has also been a part of the Vancouver International Improv Festival, The Seattle Festival of Improv, as well as the Edmonton Fringe Festival. He loves to perform and hopes to do so until he’s so wrinkly that he is mistaken for a human prune. Graham will putting his years of improv teaching to good use as he tailors the performance art of improv to incorporate and expose issues related to identity.

For more information on Graham and Second Story Theatre, check out their website!

Rachel Gamboa ~ Photography


Freelance by title, but an expert in the dance, fashion and editorial photography field, our photography mentor, Rachel Gamboa, will be guiding the youth group through this program and helping with preparation and presentation at the OneLove Festival. Based off the experience level and preferences of the youth group, Rachel will be facilitating workshops that will help the youth build and develop their photographic skills, knowledge of the industry and portfolio building for the group with the intention of preparing the youth with the skills and confidence necessary to continue pursuing their photography passions. In addition, Rachel will support the group in conceptualizing and preparing for the final presentation to be unveiled at OneLove.

To learn more about Rachel follow her on twitter!

Stephanie Gagne ~ Painting


Stephanie Gagne has been an active participant in Vancouver’s annual OneLove festival since 2010. Her dedicated passion towards art drives her to explore new mediums in the fine arts. She currently attends Emily Carr University. This year she will be concentrating on acrylic painting for the OneLove painting program. Stephanie’s teaching method allows the youth mentees to enhance their technique and conceptual skills. She is open to all traditional, abstract and experimental approaches. Youth menthes will learn how to use color, prepare canvases, learn about various tools and materials as well as how they can be used to support the thematic aspects of their paintings.This four month program fosters personal expression and development.

Kim Possible ~ Spoken Word


Kim is  a local visual and spoken word artist, performer, and activist, residing in the East Vancouver area. Arts and activism is her personal passion and can  usually be found in all her creative works. She graduated with a degree in Visual Arts and Art History from the University of British Columbia in 2011 and since then, has been involved in arts-based work within the social justice community. Kim has years of experience working with children and youth, and recently completed training in anti-oppression facilitation through the City of Vancouver’s CitizenU program.

To view Kim’s work please visit her website!

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