2013 Festival

The OneLove Festival is a 2-day live arts celebration honouring youth leaders who are using their art to initiate positive change in their communities


The Silent Auction Gallery Walk

August 21 @ The Cultch, 7pm


Featuring youth from the Photography and Painting programs along side with community youth in an evening of exploring identity through visual art. Pieces will be on sale in an open silent auction, 10% of proceeds will fund next year’s OneLove Festival with the remaining going directly to the artist.

Performance Evening

August 22 @ The Cultch, 7pm


The OneLove Mentorship Program’s Improv and Spoken Word youth will take the stage to engage audiences in our theme of identity. They will also be joined by local youth bands and musicians. We will also be recognizing the achievements of specific youth leaders in our community that have used their art to create change.

The OneLove Festival wants you! Learn how you can be a part of the event here.


The OneLove Festival and Mentorship Program acknowledges the support of: 




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