The Organization

ArtQuake envisions a transformed world where every youth is a vehicle for change, fueled by their own creative expression.

DSC_3586__Why We Do It

Too often we disregard our creative abilities because we are afraid to venture out into the unknown. We believe that creativity can be applied to all aspects of our lives and that art is one way we choose to express our creativity. ArtQuake gives all young artists from 13-25 yrs an opportunity to, explore their artistic passions, engage their community, and harness the power of creativity. Our objective is to prove that art is a vehicle for community building and an essential part of humanity. By encouraging art, we encourage innovation and creative solutions. We want our community to know that young people are pursuing their passions and being creative rather than pushing their art to the side in fear that they will not succeed.   The only way change will occur on the planet and the only reason it has is due to passionate people. Through bringing this message to light, ArtQuake hopes to inspire youth and our community to become passionate and apply that passion to create change.

photoWhat We Do

We provide space for dialogue on social and environmental justice issues through our semi-annual Community Arts Dialogues. Participants leave with a better understanding on how art can create healthy community spaces, and initiate positive change. Ideas generated at the arts dialogue set the theme for the Annual OneLove Festival in the summer. The OneLove Festival gives local youth an opportunity to create and showcase their art and perform in front of a live audience. Youth also explore socially conscious art and ways to engage their audience in critical thinking and taking action. Prior to the festival, the OneLove Mentorship Program trains youth with technical skills in their art genre by means of peer mentoring. Their artwork and performances are featured at the OneLove Festival, alongside local youth who have shown artistic leadership in their communities.
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