Tahia Ahmed – Executive Director/Co-founder


tahiaTahia decided to start the ArtQuake initiative in hopes of inspiring youth to use their artistic skills to make change in the world around them. Currently, she has Associates Degree in International Development and is currently studying Political Science at SFU. For Tahia, ArtQuake is providing only one of many outlets for young people to explore and pursue their passions. Tahia is amazed to see the impact that ArtQuake has already had on its team, artists, and the entire community.

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Jannika Nyberg – Coordinating Director/Co-Founder


Jannika fell in love with ArtQuake’s message of leadership using art. As someone who has pursued dance all throughout her childhood, artistic expression is very close to her heart. Currently, she is pursuing a Bachelors in Political Science and French. She hopes to one day apply her passion for artistic expression through a career in education and eventually public policy. Through ArtQuake, she is excited to cultivate the creative drive within passionate youth so to empower them to make the social and environmental changes they wish to make possible in the world around them.

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