The story behind my first music video “Between the Earth and Sky”

On July 1st 2013, I released my very first music video for a song I wrote 2 years ago called “Between the Earth and Sky”. The song was written on my first trip visiting Toronto in 2011. I made the decision to go out east from a gut instinct. I was nearing the end of my 5 year university career and I really wanted to leave Vancouver and see if Toronto was the place for me. I had also heard about a hip hop festival called “Manifesto” where some of my favourite artists like Ian Kamau, Eternia, and Blu were supposed to perform at… It seemed like the perfect opportunity and so I sold my electric guitar and pulled my savings in to buy a plane ticket. I think now that me leaving the city had more to do about my own questions about myself than the festival.

I woke up the first morning I was there, found my friend’s nylon string guitar leaning against her bedroom wall, and I started plucking. The lyrics that came out reflected questions I had about my relationship with someone at the time … questions that had me wondering about where we were at, and whether or not our paths would cross again with every new decision we would make towards our individual freedoms. I wanted to be reassured in the unknown.

It’s funny how it’s been more than 2 years since I wrote this song and it really applies to where I’m at right now. Not only that, but it speaks to what the people in my life are going through now. Namely break-ups, breaks, or consequential shifts in intimate relationships … there is that overwhelming pile up of questions that fill you when you reach these crossroads. When we branch out into a new, different, separate path, there are no guarantees on this other side …and where that is, where you will end up… is the question of this song. And somehow taking rest and being reassured that everything is going to be alright is what I’m trying to sit with here.

How this song became THIS VIDEO is funny. I initially recorded the song on my mac’s Photobooth and released it on youtube on the same day. When I was back in Vancouver I was out with my friend Adam and he ended up playing this same song in his car. I was like, “what? you converted this into an MP3? Dope!” A few months later, I accidentally deleted my email account and lost all my youtube videos. Thankfully, my friend had saved the song!

The song lived on my ipod for a while since then until I decided I wanted to do something with it, release it to fresh ears. That eventually became a bigger project when I decided to experiment with pairing it with film. I added harmonies to it on Garageband and a few days later, my friend Joey Chaos filmed the majority of the scenes for it at Jericho beach. The sky scenes are me looking out an airplane’s window on my way to Winnipeg where a chunk of the video was also filmed this past May.

So that’s that, hella D.I.Y., no?  I’m happy with the final product cos it started from something that was just a personal little thing into a more public thing. I hope you will rest with me in believing that everything is going to be alright, whatever happens is for the best.



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