Join the Crowd!

There are so many amazing events and projects happening in our communities, but not enough time to get involved with them all! How can we still show our support?


Crowd-sourcing is an excellent opportunity to support projects from all around the world even when you may not have the time to get involved. Why does ArtQuake love crowd-sourcing? Because creative minds get the opportunity to share their ideas and to see them come alive.  It gives people like you and me the chance to harvest and foster an artist’s idea by funding it.

Platforms such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter are reaching a wide-ranged audience through relevant and easily accessible platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, WordPress and many other forms of social media. Crowd-sourcing is  a great way to connect with all groups of people who share similar, if not the same passions of and for creating change.

local art

An example of a successful and local project is Make It Happen! How to Succeed in the Handmade World. It is an Indiegogo campaign featuring a to-be documentary about the lives of everyday people who have quit their day jobs to start their very own creative businesses, selling what they make. Their goal is to inspire others to pursue their passions and show how it is possible to be successful as a creative business entrepreneur and live a life where nothing but passion, drive, dedication and love are invested into their work. The founders and team of this campaign include Jenna Herbut, who is the co-producer of the Make It craft show and Make It University. Along with, Neil Mangan, former lawyer, author, videographer, creative entrepreneur and previous tour manager to his successful Vancouverite brother, Dan Mangan! Dan Mangan also is featured in an interview in the film. They have raised a total of $16,035 and have surpassed their goal of $15,00!

 Now you can join the crowd too!…

50cubed layers plain bw

Check out ArtQuake’s #50cubed campaign. Our goal is to get 50 people to donate 50 dollars within the 50 days. All the proceeds will go towards our annual OneLove Festival, which is a two day celebration of young artists using their creativity to spark change in the world. Over 20+ local Vancouver youth will be capturing our city’s collective identity through spoken word, improv, painting, photography and more! You too can be a part of it all by helping us reach our goal of $2500! For every donation of 50 dollars, you will receive two festival passes and a chance to win an exclusive print from the show! The OneLove Festival will be held at the Cultch in East Vancouver on August 21 and 22.


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